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Uni-ball PIN Calligraphy set of 8

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This set includes three felt-tip chisel tip pens in small, medium and large plus an expressive brush tip and a variety of nibs ranging from 0.1mm to 0.9mm for clear definition and delicate detailing. This variation in nib style and size allows for a range of different hand-lettering styles and overall finish.This allows for a wealth of creative calligraphy possibilities.

Chisel tips are wedge-shaped, depending on how you hold the pen, you will be able to create a broad or narrow stroke. PIN’s brush tip is firm, so it adapts to your pressure, angle or speed of writing. This firmness gives you excellent control, giving you the power to truly master brush script and expressive brush pen painting techniques. These, combined with the range of fine tip pen nibs, provide a wealth of creative calligraphy possibilities.

- The felt-tip pens inc 3 chisel tips, brush, 0.1mm, 04, 06 and 0.9mm tips
- These artist pens contain fade-proof, water resistant pigment ink
- Contains eight black calligraphy pens in fully biodegradable packaging

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