Pro Arte

Pro Arte was founded by Roy Thompson in 1973 and is the UK’s market leader. Pro Arte manufactures the largest range of artist’s brushes from their factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire where they use a combination of machinery with hand finishing ensuring continued high quality. Pro Arte are responsible for great innovations within the brush making industry namely the development of synthetic alternatives to natural hair. The well-known Prolene Brushes for Watercolour Painting was introduced sometime in the 1980’s with various synthetic brush ranges following. Pro Arte manufactures a huge range of natural and synthetic Paint Brushes for oil, watercolour and acrylic painting as well as hobby and modelling brushes. The great thing about Pro Arte Brushes is that although they are marketed for a particular use or medium they have little or no restriction and can cross mediums.

Pullingers offer Pro Arte’s top quality artists Hog Hair Paint Brushes for oil and the Renaissance Sable Brushes for watercolour as well as the affordable Connoisseur that combines natural and synthetic hair. The retractable Prolene Plus Brushes are ideal for travelling while the Series MP Miniature Brushes are perfect for model makers and botanical artists. Pro Arte has over the years expanded on its success with the synthetic Prolene Brush and now offers various ranges of synthetic brushes for watercolour, acrylic, gouache and inks. Whether you are a professional painter, a student or a sign writer, Pro Arte has an affordable brush range for you.

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