Pro Arte Sterling Acrylix Brushes

Sterling Acrylix brushes can be used for painting with acrylic or oil paint. They have silky white synthetic bristles and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pro Arte Acrylix Brushes

Pro Arte Acrylix brushes have short handles and are perfect for acrylic painting. They come in variety of shapes and sizes, including very small sizes for fine detail.

Pro Arte Polar Brushes

Available in round and flat, Pro Arte Polar brushes are made from a white nylon bristle that hold the paint well. Use these brushes for watercolour painting or acrylic.

Pro Arte Masterstroke Brushes

Masterstroke brushes are great value. They can be used for all types of media, including oil, acrylic & watercolour. You can also use these brushes for face painting & nail art.

Pro Arte Series A Hog Brushes

Made from the highest grade of Chinese hog bristle and perfect for oil painting. Available in round, filbert, short flat & long flat.

Pro Arte Series B Hog Brushes

Series B brushes are made from a Chinese Chungking hog bristle. Ideal for oil painting. Choose from round, filbert & short or long flat.

Pro Arte Series E Hog Fan Brushes

These fan brushes are useful for blending oil paints and creating skies and landscapes. Available in a range of sizes.

Pro Arte Series MP Miniature Brushes

Series MP Miniature Brushes have a soft, synthetic tip for achieving fine detail. Suitable for use with oil, acrylic & watercolour paints.

Pro Arte Renaissance Sable Brushes

These traditional, soft, high-quality and affordable sable brushes are ideal for watercolour painting. They have a wonderful colour holding ability and retain their shape.

Pro Arte Connoisseur Brushes

Pro Arte Connoisseur Brushes come in a Series 100 round brush & a Series 99 one stroke. The perfect blend of sable & Prolene hair to create an artists' watercolour brush.

Pro Arte Prolene Plus Brushes

The Prolene Plus range consists of beautiful, soft, high-quality, synthetic watercolour brushes. Series 007 are round brushes, Series 008 are one stroke & Series 009 are filbert.

Pro Arte Prolene Brushes

With a wide selection of shapes and sizes available, Pro Arte Prolene Brushes are a popular choice when it comes to synthetic watercolour brushes.

Pro Arte Wash Brushes

Pro Arte Student Series 28 wash brushes are excellent value for money. Ron Ranson Hake Brushes are made from goat hair.

Pro Arte Stencil Brushes

These Pro Arte Stencil brushes are designed to be used in a dabbing motion for stencilling and for producing faded paint effects.

Pro Arte Oil & Acrylic Brush Sets

Choose from a variety of brush sets for oil or acrylic painting. There are sets of hog hair brushes and synthetic brushes. Great value.

Pro Arte Watercolour Brush Sets

These sets of watercolour brushes are ideal for someone who is wanting to start watercolour painting. Excellent quality and great value.

Welcome to our Pro Arte Online Shop

Pro Arte is one of the UK’s leading brush makers. With a wide choice of synthetic or natural hair filaments and a variety of shapes and sizes, you will find a brush to suit all your art and craft needs. So which brush should you choose? A natural hog hair is a popular choice for oil painting because it is stiff enough to hold the thick paint well, yet soft enough to have a spring to it. For acrylic paints, we recommend that you use a synthetic brush. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit a range of painting techniques from thick to thin to fine detail painting. A sable or blend of sable and synthetic hair is perfect for watercolour painting because they have a good water capacity, allowing for more fluid strokes to be achieved. These can be quite costly though, which is where the amazing Pro Arte Prolene range comes in! A clever invention from Pro Arte that offers the artist a soft absorbent brush at a very economical price.

Pro Arte was founded in 1973 by artist and entrepreneur Roy Thompson. His ambition was to make and sell the best brushes in the world and we think he has achieved this. Here at Pullingers, we stock a wide selection of Pro Arte paint brushes in singles and sets, including the following popular brush ranges:

Pro Arte Series A & Series B Hog Brushes For Oils

Made from a Chinese hog bristle, these two brush ranges are a popular choice with oil painters. The Pro Arte Series A Hog Brushes are the more superior of the two, as they are made from the highest grade of Chinese Jyukeis hog hair. They hold the heavy oil paint well and are firm with a spring to them. They can be cleaned with solvents and maintain their shape, even after using them for a long time. They can also be used for acrylic painting and are particularly good if you are using a heavy body acrylic.

Pro Arte Series B Hog Brushes are ideal if you have a slightly smaller budget but still want a high-quality brush for oil painting. Made from a Chinese Chungking bristle, they are stiff enough to hold thick oil paint while still having flexibility. These long-handled brushes are perfect for professional artists, students and beginners and there is also a set available.

Both Series A and Series B hog brushes come in the following sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12. If you are needing a bigger brush there is a size 16 and 20 in the Series B range in the short flat shape. In both types of hog brushes, there are four shapes available: Round, Filbert, Short Flat and Long Flat. This enables the artist to achieve many different painting techniques.

Pro Arte Acrylix Brushes For Oils & Acrylics

Paint brushes made from a synthetic hair is one of the best types for acrylic painting because it is hard wearing, soft and flexible. With the rising popularity of acrylic paints, Pro Arte Acrylix Brushes were introduced. Made from a material called Taklon, these brushes have the strength, feel and spring that has been unrivalled by any other brush on the market. The rich brown hair prevents the paint from staining the brush and gives a smooth application of colour. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a tiny size 000 for precision, up to a size 16 in the round shape for larger paintings. The one stroke brushes are particularly good if you are painting backgrounds.

If you prefer a long-handled brush, then the Pro Arte Sterling Acrylix Brushes may be a better option for you. These brushes are made from silky white nylon filaments and are suitable for both oil and acrylic painting.

Pro Arte Prolene Brushes For Watercolours

Made from synthetic polyester filaments, Pro Arte Prolene Brushes offer a great alternative to traditional animal hair when it comes to watercolour painting. These brushes mimic the characteristics of pure sable with its wonderful spring and colour holding power, whilst being able to retain a fine point. They cost less than sable brushes and last longer.

Prolene brushes come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, including round, rigger, one stroke, spotting brushes (ideal for fine detail and miniature painting), signwriters brushes, sword liner brushes and fan brushes. There is also a Prolene Plus Brush range which consists of beautiful, soft, high-quality, synthetic watercolour brushes.

Prolene brushes really are one of our best sellers, but if you are wanting a higher quality watercolour brush and can’t quite afford a sable brush, then you might like to try Pro Arte Connoisseur Brushes. These brushes consist of the perfect blend of sable and Prolene filaments.

Pro Arte Masterstroke Prolon Brushes

Pro Arte Masterstroke Brushes are one of our most versatile brush ranges. They are made from a ‘Prolon’ synthetic hair and are firm enough to cope with heavier media such as oil and acrylic, whilst soft enough to use with watercolour, gouache, ink and enamel paints. We have had many customers in the past buy Masterstroke brushes for face painting, nail art and glass painting too. They are also a popular choice with model makers and miniature painters.

Masterstroke brushes come in four different series. Series 60 are round in shape and start in a size 000 which is very small, going up to a size 8. Series 61 are filbert brushes and go from a size 0 to a size 10. Series 62 flat shaders and Series 63 angled shaders both range from a size 0 up to a size 10. These brushes really are the perfect tool for all art and craft projects and are great value.

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