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Artisan Water Mixable Oil Brushes

Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Brushes

Winsor & Newton Artisan Brushes are for use with Water Mixable Oil Paints. The white synthetic fibre bristles perform like a traditional hog hair brush whilst maintaining their shape and spring when used with water and water mixable oil mediums.

Artisan Brushes are very durable and are perfect for working with the thick full bodied Artisan Paint.

These brushes all have long handles making them ideal for large scale painting. They can be cleaned with just soap and water when used with Artisan Water Mixable Oil Paint (no solvents are required).

Artisan Brushes are available in different sizes and shapes to suit a range of painting techniques. Choose from Round, Filbert, Short Flat, Long Flat and Fan Brushes.

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