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Bruynzeel 50 Felt Tips

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Bruynzeel Children's Felt Tip Pens Set of 50: Spark Creativity with Every Stroke

Specifically designed for children aged 4 and above, this set contains a whopping 50 colours that will keep your kids colouring for hours. These high-quality Bruynzeel felt tips deliver excellent colour output, bringing your child's imagination to life on paper.

If the pens haven't been used for a while and show signs of drying out, give them a second life by simply dipping them in water. This unique feature ensures prolonged creativity and minimizes waste.

50 felt tips in almost every colour imaginable. From vivid primaries to subtle pastels, providing endless possibilities for creative and imaginative artwork.

Child-Friendly Features:
- Good Colour Output:Ensures vibrant and lively artwork.
- Water-Based Ink: Easy to work with and safe for young artists.
- Super Washable: From most textiles, making clean-up a breeze for parents.
- Gluten-Free:

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