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Pebeo Art And Craft Supplies

Pebeo Porcelaine And Ceramic Paints

Pebeo Porcelaine & Ceramic Paint

Personalise china & ceramic objects. Why not try Ceramic Paints on Canvas!

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paint

Prisme Paint has a honeycomb marbled effect. Use on canvas, metal, glass, etc.

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paints

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paint

Moon Paint has a textured pearlescent finish. Use with Vitrail for a marbled effect.

Pebeo Mixed MEdia Sets

Pebeo Mixed Media Sets

Pebeo Mixed Media sets contain Vitrail glass paint, ceramic & Fantasy paint.

Pebeo Fabric Paints

Pebeo Fabric Paints

A wide choice of Fabric Paints including Silk Paints & Setacolor Opaque.

Pebeo Glass Paints

Pebeo Glass Paints

Choose from Vitrea 160, a water-based glass paint for every day use or Vitrail Glass Paint, a solvent based paint with vivid colours. Great on glass & canvas!

Pebeo Acrylic Paints

Pebeo Acrylic Paint

Studio Acrylics are ideal for Mixed Media. Use Deco Acrylics for Craft projects.

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums

Use Pebeo Acrylic Mediums for Mixed Media & with Acrylics & Vitrail.

Pebeo Oil Paints

Pebeo Oil Paint

Pebeo XL Studio Oil Paints are suitable for all types of oil painting techniques.

Pebeo Watercolour Paints

Pebeo Watercolour Paint

Watercolour Sets for beginners. Colours provide a depth of tone & transparency.

Pebeo Marbling Inks

Pebeo Marbling Inks

Create marbled effects on paper, fabrics & canvas with Marbling Inks.

Pebeo Deco Markers

Pebeo Deco Markers

DecoMarkers are permanent acrylic paint pens. Use on card, canvas, wood, etc.

Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers

Pebeo 4ARTIST Marker Pens

Pebeo 4ARTIST Markers are oil based paint pens with bright glossy colours.

Pebeo Canvases

Pebeo Canvases & Surfaces

A selection of stretched cotton & linen canvases & canvas boards for artists.

Pebeo Paint Brushes

Pebeo Paint Brushes

Brush Sets for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolour painting, stencilling & craft projects.

Pebeo Gold Leaf And Gilding

Pebeo Gold Leaf & Gilding

Use Gold Leaf to embellish objects. Add Mirror Leaf to paintings to enhance them.

Pebeo Candle Making

Pebeo Candle Making Materials

Create your own unique Candles with dyes, waxes, wicks, moulds & more.

Pebeo Casting And Modelling Supplies

Pebeo Casting & Modelling

Use Glazing Resin to add relief & coloured Resin to create Mixed Media art.

Welcome to our Pebeo Online Shop

Pebeo are giving artists, beginners and crafters a new Mixed Media concept. By combining Pebeo products that are not usually mixed together, you can create unexpected and inspiring abstract art. Pour Resins on to canvas and drip Moon & Prisme Paints into it. Paint on canvas with Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints for a rich smooth transparent colour and enhance your art with Pebeo Acrylic Mediums and Mirror Leaf. The possibilities are endless!

Pebeo gets its name from the chemical formula PbO, lead oxide which was the original base of the paints. After a long history of paint manufacturing, Pebeo continues to bring innovative, imaginative and inspiring materials to artists all over the world.

We stock a wide range of Pebeo products including Studio Acrylics, Studio XL Oil Paints, Glass Paints, Ceramic Paints and Fabric Paints, all at discounted prices. Further product information and safety sheets can also be found on the Pebeo Website.

Experiment and explore with the following Pebeo Mixed Media Art Supplies:

Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints
Traditionally, Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint is used to decorate glass objects. However, it also works extremely well when painted on to canvas. Vitrail is a solvent based glass paint that is available in 26 transparent colours and 10 opale colours. It gives an intense high gloss finish and can be used with Cerne Relief to create bold outlines. For really interesting effects, combine Vitrail Glass Paint with the other solvent products in the Pebeo range, such as Moon & Prisme Paints.

Pebeo Ceramic Paints
With intense luminous and opaque colours, Ceramic Paints have a very glossy finish and look like enamel when dry. Available in 28 vibrant colours, they can be used to customise ceramics, terracotta, plaster, wood, etc, and work exceptionally well when painted on canvas and combined with other Mixed Media products.

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums
Pebeo Studio Acrylic Mediums are ideal for creating special effects in your paintings. There is a choice of Gel Mediums, Texture Mediums, Gessos & Adhesives. Perfect for using with Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paints and for mixed media applications.

Pebeo Fantasy Moon & Prisme Paints
Pebeo Moon Paints give a hammered marbled effect and come in 18 pearlescent colours. Pebeo Prisme Paints are available in a range of 28 colours, with each one revealing a stunning honeycomb textured effect. These solvent based paints can be used on virtually any surface, such as wood, metal, glass, china, canvas and jewellery. When combined with Vitrail Glass Paints and other solvent products, they create some really unique effects. A paint that is definitely worth experimenting with.

Pebeo Resins
There is a selection of Resins available, from coloured Resins to Glazing Resins. Resins can be used for casting as well as for creating Mixed Media artwork. Coloured Resins are transparent and look striking when poured over canvas. Pearl Resins give a glittering effect and Glazing Resin can be used to add relief to flat surfaces. Try tinting Crystal Resin with Vitrail and Ceramic Paints for a coloured finish. Combine Resins with other mixed media products for best results.

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