What Is Pebeo Mixed Media Art

What Is Pebeo Mixed Media

 Wednesday 22 May 2019  -   Sandra M

Pour, drip & create with Pebeo Mixed Media.

Combine Pebeo Moon, Prisme & Glass Paint to create amazing Mixed Media Art pieces.

Pebeo Mixed Media multiplies the effects possible in your artwork. By combining products that are not necessarily designed for use with each other you get unexpected and inspiring results. Not a sludgy mess that you might expect!

Mixed Media is not a new concept however Pebeo, known for innovation and experimentation, is pushing the boundaries of its existing range. Artists and crafters are being urged to experiment with products normally confined to their own areas of fine art, craft and casting, by using them together.

Mixed Media Artist Dennis Metcalf creates the most amazing gem like work with Pebeo Mixed Media. Dennis reviews Pebeo Mixed Media:

“Colour, texture, shape and light define unique and ever changing applications of these new age mediums produced by Pebeo. Ideas may or may not be preconceived, as I allow the paints and mediums to interact in a spontaneous manner in order to create an impactive visual effect.”

                         Pebeo Mixed Media By Dennis Metcalf

Dennis Metcalf Uses Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints, Fantasy Paints, Cerne Relief & Resin.

I Can’t Paint. Can I Use Pebeo Mixed Media?

You don’t have to be an accomplished painter to use Pebeo Mixed Media Products. All artists and creative crafters, beginners or experienced, can experiment with the different ranges available to achieve unique results each time. Have some fun!

Explore the interactions between the different mediums. With added colour, texture and inclusions, the possibilities really are endless. Create spontaneous and astounding effects in your artwork with Pebeo Mixed Media.

Pullingers staff recently attended a Pebeo Mixed Media demonstration and what fun we had! Dripping, pouring and mixing the many products – a bit like a science experiment!

Do you want to create your own Mixed Media Artwork? With Pebeo Mixed Media you can!

            :Pebeo Mixed Media By Valerie Telesca

Pebeo Mixed Media by Valerie Telesca. How many Pebeo products can you spot?

How Do I Use Pebeo Mixed Media Products?

You can use Pebeo products by themselves but when you combine them they take on a life of their own. Pouring and dripping achieve the most amazing results.

Combine Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints with Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paints to create surprising effects. Fantasy Moon will give you a hammered pearlescent effect that will appear immediately when applied thinly or thickly, while Fantasy Prisme will change in appearance over time giving you an unusual two tone honeycomb effect. You can manipulate both of these solvent based paints during the drying time. Pour either of these paints onto Vitrail solvent based Glass Paint to create interesting textures, transparency and contrasts.

Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paint is not just a decorative glass paint as it is now being used more and more by Mixed Media Artists. I found this Pebeo Mixed Media product particularly exciting and its applications are varied. Many oil painters for example are discovering the joy of painting with Vitrail on canvas. The transparent and opalescent colours have an amazing sheen to them and are ideal for creating layers of rich, transparent colour.

                         Pebeo Mixed Media Paints With Resin

Look what you can do with Crystal Resin, Pebeo Vitrail Glass Paints & Pebeo Fantasy Paint!

Adding Pebeo Vitrail to Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin will give you an unlimited range of brightly coloured casting resins. Just add Pebeo Vitrail Transparent Glass Paints straight into the resin to create a brilliant transparent range.

Pebeo Gedeo Resins are a great addition to Pebeo Mixed Media. The two part epoxy resin system make Gedeo resins very easy to use. Pour over your dry Mixed Media Artwork to add depth and shine. Cast objects, add inclusions such as photographs and metal leaf and pour over collage and abstract art to form a protective coating.


Use Pebeo Cerne Relief in your Pebeo Mixed Media Art to create outlines or barriers for dropping Vitrail or Fantasy colours into. Normally used as a three dimensional glass paint outliner, Cerne Relief can add a decorative element to your Mixed Media artwork.

We are very excited by the new Pebeo Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaf. Metal leaf is very popular in Mixed Media art. The high gloss mirror effect sheets are so easy to apply and come in 5 colours. Applying the leaf to a painted canvas couldn’t be easier. Just let the paint dry until tacky then apply gentle pressure to the leaf. This product will feature on everything this christmas I am sure!

                         Pebeo Mirror Leaf

To create a three dimensional effect with mirror effect metal leaf, apply it with Pebeo Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste.

Increase Your Pebeo Mixed Media Effects With Acrylic Mediums:

Experiment some more with your mixed media art by introducing some Pebeo Acrylic Mediums. Mix Pebeo Sand Texture Gel with paint or apply with a palette knife to add a grainy texture to your artwork. It comes in yellow, red, black and white. Pebeo Bindex is a non-yellowing and waterproof liquid medium making it ideal for all paper craft and collage work. For achieving the glossiest glazes in your mixed media artwork use Pebeo Brilliant Gloss Gel Medium. Use it to increase the transparency and drying time of acrylic paints. It is deal for creating layers of transparent glazes and really intensifies your colours with it’s glossy sheen.

Pebeo Acrylic Mediums can be used with or without colour and in any amount, add as little or as much as you like!

                                   Pebeo Acrylic Mediums

Experiment with Sand Texture Gel & Brilliant Gloss Gel in your Mixed Media Art. Here it is mixed with Vitrail Glass Paint & Acrylic Paint.

What Surfaces Can I Use Pebeo Mixed Media On?

The great thing about the Pebeo Mixed Media range is that it gives great results on most surfaces. Use them on canvas, glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, mirror, decorative objects and more.

Pour, drop, brush and drizzle Pebeo’s multi tasking products to create your own Pebeo Mixed Media art piece. The results will surprise and inspire you.

Pebeo’s Paints and Mediums are hugely successful individually and by using them together will create infinite possibilities.

‘Mix it up with Pebeo Mixed Media’.

Tell us what you have created with Pebeo Mixed Media!

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