Essdee is a leading manufacturer of Block Printing Tools and Lino Cutting Equipment. This UK Brand is based in the Midlands and is owned by Educational Art & Craft Supplies. Block Printing dates back to 9th Century China and can be used to create art prints, gift cards and tags as well as in textile design and sketchbook work. Block Printing has come a long way thanks to Essdee’s innovative Lino Printing tools. Increasingly easier and safer to use, Essdee has successfully brought the traditional craft of block printing to artists, designers, students and even children.

Pullingers stock a great range of Essdee Block Printing Supplies. The Essdee Lino Cutting and Printing Kit contains everything that you need to start lino printing. We stock Traditional Lino, Mounted Lino and the wonderful Soft Cut Lino. So much softer and easier to use, Soft Cut Lino is ideal for beginners and children and can be used on curved surfaces due to its flexibility. Standard and Soft Lino Rollers are available as well as a wide selection of Lino Handles and Cutters. The Essdee Lino Cutter and Baren Kit is extremely popular. Not only does it cut and burnish but you can stamp with it by attaching the Self Adhesive Lino Discs. Simply cut your design, ink it up and stamp away!

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