R K Burt

R.K Burts has been a supplier of Art Materials and Paper since 1892. Based in London, they are one of the UK’s largest wholesale paper merchants, specialising in very high quality art papers for Watercolour, Acrylic, Coloured Pencil and Printmaking. From the 1970’s onwards, R.K Burts were the first wholesaler to bring to the UK the popular Paper Mill’s such as Arches, Fabriano, Canson, and Hahnemule. Through the 1980’s and 1990’s their range of high quality paper increased with them introducing handmade papers, Nepalese Paper and Japanese Paper. With the 21st Century showing an increase in digital printing they now supply a variety of Inkjet Printing Paper.

Pullingers stock R.K Burts new Botanical Ultra Smooth Paper for Watercolour which is also ideal for Coloured Pencil and Acrylics. By using an Ultra Smooth Paper you can achieve excellent detail which is why it is perfect for Botanical Artists. Pullingers also sell beautiful Handmade Papers, Mirror and Holographic Card, Origami Paper and Nepalese Sketchbooks, perfect for the travelling artist. Try using Handmade Paper for creating interesting textures in Sketchbooks, Invitations and greeting cards or for simply just drawing on to. All of these papers are of an excellent quality and affordable price and suitable for students, beginners, crafters and professional artists.

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