Royal Talens

Royal Talens has been producing high quality paints and art supplies for over 100 years. Established in 1899 by former banker Marten Talens it is now an independent subsidiary of the Japanese Sakura Colour Products Corporation. The Dutch factory produced paint, inks and type writer supplies for offices until they began to manufacture Rembrandt Oil Colours for artists. In 1949 Talens received a “Royal” designation and has since achieved a worldwide reputation for their consistent high quality. Royal Talens now specialise in the manufacture of high quality materials for artists and crafters which includes a number of world renowned brands such as Rembrandt Pastels, Amsterdam Acrylic Paint and Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint.

Royal Talens Rembrandt Artists' Soft Pastels were introduced in 1924 and quickly became internationally recognised. Rembrandt Pastels have a velvety softness and their purity of colour and lightfastness is due to their concentration of pure and authentic pigment. Pullingers stock Rembrandt Pastels individually and in a variety of sets. Amsterdam Acrylic Paint is made with 100% acrylic resin and non-fading pigments. Amsterdam Acrylic is quick drying and alkali resistant with a high level of lightfastness making it especially suitable for wall murals. This is a high quality economical paint suitable for artists and students alike. Pullingers also stock Royal Talens Amsterdam Acrylic Markers which can be applied to canvas, wood, paper, plastic, metal, glass and terracotta. Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint is a recent addition to the Royal Talens range. This oil paint has been specially formulated to be thinned and cleaned with water rather than solvents making it ideal for artists who are either allergic to solvents or dislike the smell. Pullingers stock Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paint in 40ml tubes and in sets. Whether you are a fine artist, student or graffiti artist Royal Talens has a product for you.

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